Highlands Real Estate, Is Your Price Too High?

Highlands real estate, is your price too high?  This might be a question you are asking yourself if your home has been languishing on the market and this is a very good question to ask.  Price matters to buyers and the Highlands NC real estate market is no exception.

Examining local market conditions is essential when pricing your home for sale.  The truth is that a home is only worth what someone is willing to pay and looking around at what Highlands homes are selling, and what homes are not is a good indicator.  An experienced Highlands REALTOR® will conduct a CMA (comparative market analysis) before suggesting a price at which to list your home.  This will look at prices of homes which have sold recently and prices of homes currently listed for sale.

While you certainly do not have to heed the advice of your REALTOR®, you should accept the fact that the recommended price is coming from experience and knowledge of the market.  If you are holding out for a higher price than your Highlands home is worth you will get fewer potential buyers walking through your front door.  Price matters and if you want to capture higher than market price you need to be prepared to wait.

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