Highlands NC Real Estate, Tax Benefits of Owning a Second Home

Anyone buying Highlands real estate should know that there are tax benefits of owning a second home.  Whether you rent your second home or decide to keep it all for your own use, if you spend at least 14 days (or 10% of the time that you rent it) a year in the home it counts as a residence .  If you follow these rules then you can write off the mortgage interest for your Highlands vacation property.  If you rent your home out for 200 days a year then you need to use your home for at least 20 days or the IRS will consider it a rental property and your mortgage interest will not be deductible.

Likewise, if you rent your Highlands home for more than two weeks a year then the income that you make from it will need to be reported.  If you rent your home for less than two weeks you get to keep the income you received without reporting it to the IRS.

When you rent your Highlands home for more than two weeks a year you get to claim the following deductions: mortgage interest, upkeep and maintenance expenses, utilities, depreciation, insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses.  One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot take a loss if your revenue is less than your expenses.

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Click here to read an article from Smart Money regarding the tax benefits of owning a second home.

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