Highlands Vacation Homes, Maintenance Essential

Owners of Highlands vacation homes are aware that maintenance is essential for the upkeep of their investment. Vacation homes require routine check-ups to ensure that issues are being taken care of, and these check-ups can often be different than those of primary residences due to sporadic use or heavy renting.

If you own a vacation home in Highlands NC and rent it out you may be unaware of issues unless a renter points one out. It is a great idea to take a walk-through of your home between rentals and examine key systems, like heating and plumbing. It is also important to keep an eye out for pest and insect control.

Owning a home in Highlands NC as a getaway ultimately means there are long periods of time when the home is not in use. Having a property manager to complete routine checks on your home can be a great idea.

Contact the team at Meadows Mountain Realty today to learn more about owning a vacation home in our area. We welcome the opportunity to help you get to know the Highlands real estate market. our knowledge and experience can work to your advantage for all of your real estate needs.

Click here to read “A Checklist of Preventative Maintenance for Vacation Home” from Realty Times.

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