Highlands Vacation Homes, Multiple Owners

Often there are multiple owners when it comes to Highlands vacation homes. Sometimes a home has been passed down to another generation and becomes the property of siblings and their respective families, other times friends go in on a property as a joint venture, dividing up the time so that each party has time to enjoy the home alone. Any way you slice it when multiple parties own a property in Highlands NC it makes the property more affordable.

The benefit to owning Highlands real estate as a group is that all expenses related to the property can be shared. This is also a super opportunity to own more than one vacation home, say a beach home and a mountain home. Today’s real estate market is fantastic for buyers and when two or more people are buying a home together the affordability is even better.

Contact us today to learn more about our local market. We can provide you with access to all Highlands homes currently listed for sale and help you locate the property that will best suit your needs. There are many vacation homes in our area to suit large groups, as well as smaller units and maintenance-free condos.

Click here to read “Housing Bringing People Together: Collective Homeownership Viable Option” from Realty Times.

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