Highlands Vacation Homes, Renting Part of Your Plan?

Owners of Highlands vacation homes, is renting a part of your plan? Renting out your home can be a great way of recouping the costs of your investment, especially if you will not be using your home very much.  It is helpful to understand the process prior to purchasing your home in order to avoid being caught off guard by the process, however.

The first thing to consider prior to buying a Highlands home with the intention of renting it is what your income expectations are.  Rental demand fluctuates with the economy and some years may be better than others.  Having a Highlands REALTOR® who is knowledgeable about vacation rentals is extremely helpful.

Other things to consider when considering a Highlands property with the intent to rent is how the property will be managed.  Do you intend to rent it on your own or have a property management company deal with the rentals?  If you are going to handle everything you will have to stay on top of cleanings between rentals, returning deposits, and the like.  If you choose to employ a property manager you need to keep in mind the costs associated.

These are but a few things to think about when purchasing a vacation rental in Highlands NC.  Contact our team today to learn more about our local market and what you can expect from owning a vacation rental.  Our knowledge and experience can help you complete a successful Highlands real estate search and secure your dream of owning in our special area.

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