Jumbo Rates Low, Great for Buyers of Highlands Real Estate

Jumbo loan rates have remained low which is great for buyers of Highlands real estate. Rates for traditional federally backed loans make headlines constantly as hitting and hovering at historic lows but it is important to know that jumbo loans have stayed low too and actually have lower rates than conforming loans. There are a number of fantastic properties for sale in Highlands NC that would require a jumbo loan if financing is necessary for the purchase.

Jumbo loans are typically for loans of more than $417,000 to $801,000 in Macon County, depending on the number of dwelling units being financed. Luxury homes in Highlands fall into the jumbo loan category. Currently the jumbo loan rate can be as low as 3.5%, which adds up to incredible savings over the lifetime of a loan.

Contact us today to learn more about current market conditions in our area. Let us recommend a lender with a great reputation as well.  It is a great time to be a buyer and we can provide you with access to all Highlands NC homes currently listed for sale.

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