Luxury Homes in Highlands, Jumbo Lenders


Luxury homes in Highlands benefit from a variety of jumbo lenders.  While many buyers and owners who are refinancing may choose a large bank, others choose smaller companies.  An improving economy has more lenders jumping into the market, attracted to the luxury market for a sounder investment.  Buyers of luxury homes typically have a more solid debt to income ratio as well as more collateral.

Highlands luxury real estate requires a jumbo loan as the limit for a jumbo loan is set at $417,000.  Low rates are enabling a more competitive market amongst jumbo lenders which means a loan can be found in various places.  Smaller lenders are more and more common these days and affording buyers options when it comes to shopping for a home loan.

Contact us today to learn more about buying and financing real estate in Highlands NC.  We welcome the opportunity refer you to reputable lenders in the area.  Our knowledge and experience can serve as your guide to Highlands real estate.

Click here to read “For Jumbo Loans, Small Is Big” from The Wall Street Journal.

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