Luxury Homes in Highlands NC, Kitchen and Views are Priority

Buyers of luxury homes in Highlands NC see kitchens and views as a priority.  These are two items that draw appeal and add to the long term investment as well as the enjoyment of a property.  The view is, after all, what draws people to Highlands North Carolina in the first place, the desire to enjoy the exquisite beauty of the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains, and the kitchen has always been the most popular room in any home.

If you are selling a luxury home in Highlands NC knowing a buyer’s priorities could help with your marketing.  If the kitchen in your home is outdated it may behoove you to do a remodel.  In addition, if you have spectacular views you should flaunt them in your marketing materials.  A large deck or patio that enables a person to soak in the views can be a big selling point.  Knowing what buyers want and what you have to offer can help you in selling your home.

Contact us today to learn more about selling Highlands real estate.  We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss our listing presentation, filling you in on the steps we take to get your home sold.  Let our experience and knowledge work to your advantage for all of your Highlands NC real estate needs.

Click here to read “The Education of the Luxury Buyer” from The Wall Street Journal.

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