Prepare your Mountain Home for Summer

Although the heat in Highlands is never too hot to raise a fuss about, there are a few things you can do to save on utilities and keep your home is good repair. 
1. Circulate the Air – If your home has an attic fan, turn it on and make sure its working properly. Vents in the crawl space should be opened and freed of debris to help airflow and reduce moisture under your home. Inside, clean HVAC vents and change the filter.  
2. Clean your windows and check for cracks or damages – Make sure your weather stripping held up over the winter. Replace worn weather stripping to ensure that cool air stays in and hot air stay out.

3. Determine the condition of your siding – Winter weather is rough on exterior siding, the trim and the roof. Now is a great time to inspect the wood components, especially the siding, for wood rot and damage. Pay special attention to areas where paint is missing or chipping away and caulking may be needed. It’s much better to find and repair any rot when the damages are small because it will worsen over time.

4. Check your outside utilities and equipment – Reconnect hoses and check for leaks to make sure everything’s ready to wash the car and water the garden beds. Before your next cookout with family and friends check to make sure you outside electrical outlets are working.

With a little preparation, you and your home will be ready to beat the heat and have a comfortable and enjoyable summer season in the mountains.

If you need help in arranging for any of these services, give Michelle Michaud Muraco or any of the brokers at Meadows Mountain Realty a call at 828-526-1717.  We would be happy to give you recommendations for contractors or handymen.    Whether your home is new custom home or one that has seen years of use,your home is your best investment, taking the best care of it makes good financial sense. 

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