Protecting your property on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau

The Jackson-Macon Conservation Alliance (J-MCA) is a local, not for profit, group who works hard to ensure our mountains and the watersheds of our Southern Appalachian Mountains are protected for generations.  J-MCA, although a separate organization, works hand in hand with the Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust and other local conservation groups.

Their mission statement: Jackson-Macon Conservation Alliance is a grassroots conservation organization whose mission is to address environmental issues affecting the Highlands-Cashiers area through education, advocacy, hands-on initiatives and collaboration with like-minded organizations.

One of the most expensive and extensive of their projects is protecting our native mountain hemlocks. Although devastation in our national forest is widespread and inevitable, it is possible for land owners on the Highlands-Cashiers NC Plateau to control the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid on their own property.

The HWA is an Asian pest introduced in the East in the 1950’s and have spread ever since. Go to their web site and download their pamphlet to learn more about the variety of ways you can protect your Hemlocks.

When looking for your home or land in Highlands or Cashiers NC, ask about any endangered hemlocks on the property and potential loss of the trees due to the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.

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