Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Appraisal Can Be Helpful

An appraisal can be helpful when it comes to selling Highlands NC real estate.  An appraisal offers a value for your home on par with what a bank would value your home at.  This can be an inexpensive way to help you understand what you could expect to sell your home for and a guideline for a listing price.

Price is an important part of the selling puzzle.  Pricing a home too high can make a home hard to sell, because even if you get it under contract it may not be able to close when an appraisal comes in low.  Listing a home at fair market value is the best way to go for everyone involved.

An experienced Highlands REALTOR® should be able to offer a fair market value for your home by conducting a CMA (comparative market analysis).  This is the process of looking at homes that have sold recently as well as examining similar homes currently listed for sale.  Of course many sellers prefer to order an appraisal before even sitting down with a REALTOR®.

Contact us today to learn more about selling Highlands homes.  Our goal is to price your home to sell. Let our experience work to your advantage and get your home sold in a timely manner.

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