Selling Highlands Real Estate, Condition Matters

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If you are selling your Highlands real estate it is important to realize that condition matters.  If you have obvious flaws like a ripped screen door, a broken window, or mildew stains you can expect buyers to notice and leave your home unimpressed.  Take care of these issues before listing your Highlands NC home so that it looks its best.

The old adage “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is especially true when selling real estate.  A home that is not in great shape should be reduced in price, leaving a buyer to wonder whether he is willing to buy cheaper and make repairs and upgrades on his own.  Many homeowners are selling Highlands homes as a result of not being able to afford them any more, in which case they may not be able to afford necessary repairs, a real estate catch 22.

Selling a home involves a great deal of patience at time.  Contact us today for selling advice.  We would be happy to walk through your home and offer our opinion on its overall appearance. An experienced Highlands REALTOR® can be extremely helpful in getting your home sold in a timely manner.

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