Selling Highlands Real Estate, Get Out for Showings

Sellers of Highlands real estate should be aware that the best practice is to get out of your home for showings.  You may think potential buyers want you around, after all who knows more about your home than you.  The reality is a different story however, people want to look and feel free to look and having the seller in the Highlands home can inhibit a potential buyer and sometimes rush their visit.

More often than not you have ample notice that a REALTOR® will be stopping by to show your home.  If you feel uncomfortable not being there perhaps having your Highlands REALTOR® available for showings is a good compromise.  That way you have someone on your side available to answer all questions as well as to keep an eye on your property.

Potential buyers want to feel as comfortable as possible in homes that they are viewing.  The idea is to allow them the time they need to envision their lives in your home.  Contact us today for more information on selling Highlands homes and put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

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