Selling Highlands Real Estate, Price A Priority

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Selling Highlands real estate involves an understanding that price is a priority if you want to sell your home in a timely manner.  The three main ingredients of selling a home include price, location, and condition, the most important of which is price.  This factor can be a bit tricky and an experienced Highlands REALTOR® can be extremely helpful in determining fair market value for your home and suggesting a price that will get your home sold.

Price can be a difficult thing for a seller to wrap his head around.  We all know that the listing price is just a price and that an interested buyer will make an offer that could be far lower.  This is when negotiating comes into play.  Most sellers want to receive close to asking price, if not asking price.  If a seller really wants to sell he understands that he may have to accept a lower price but listing at that lower price means there is no wiggle room.

Contact us today to learn more about pricing Highlands real estate to sell.  We welcome the opportunity to share with you our knowledge of the market, what homes are selling, where homes are selling, and how much homes are selling for.  We know Highlands NC and we know Highlands real estate.

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