Selling Highlands Real Estate, Wanting to Sell Now

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Hand in hand with selling Highlands real estate is wanting to sell now. It’s understandable, the decision to sell in the first place was undoubtedly a laborious decision and not one made lightly. Reality, however, may be a different story. There is no guarantee that selling your home means selling your home today. There are, however, steps that you can take to ensure selling your Highlands property sooner than later.

Price is the driving force behind most home sales, especially in a buyers market. Your Highlands REALTOR® should have conducted a CMA (comparative market analysis) evaluating the price that similar homes have sold for recently as well as the price other homes in your neighborhood are listed for. The end result of the CMA is a suggested price indicative of fair market value. If you want to sell your Highlands home now it should be priced right, or perhaps a little lower than the competition.

If you are unwilling to reduce your price or sell for the recommended price the next aspect of your home to look at is condition. Is your home in good condition? Is there a feature or features that set your home in a different position than a similar listing? Are there any changes or improvements that you are willing to make to your home.

Selling Highlands real estate involves patience, something many of us run short on from time to time. Contact us today for more tips on selling Highlands homes. Our goal is to help our clients sell their homes in as timely a manner as possible.

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