Short Selling Highlands NC Real Estate

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Have you been considering short selling your Highlands NC real estate?  In order to short sell you need to fulfill certain criteria.  To qualify for a short sale first and foremost your home needs to be worth less than the balance of its loan.  Following that criteria you, as the home owner, need to fill at least one of the following criteria in order to qualify for a short sale with your Highlands property.

  • You are insolvent.
  • Your monthly expenses are more than your monthly income.
  • You are facing financial hardship and can provide documentation to support this.

In a short sale process a lender agrees to selling your home for less than  the balance of your home loan.  If you are unable to pay the mortgage on your Highlands real estate or fear you will be unable to do so in the near future, a short sale can be a viable alternative to foreclosure.  Contact me today to learn more about the short sale process.  As an experienced Highlands Realtor I make it my mission to put my knowledge and experience to work for you.

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