Staging Highlands Real Estate Can Make Difference

Staging Highlands real estate can make all the difference, not just in selling a home but in selling it for asking price.  In today’s tough real estate market there are two factors that combine to create selling success: price and condition.  When it comes to condition it is amazing how important staging Highlands real estate can be.

A REALTOR® in another resort community recently hired a professional to stage one of his listings.  The steps taken improved the home’s appearance dramatically and the home is now getting second and third showings.

This same REALTOR® invited the stager to an open house that he was holding for another listing.  The home is on the market for $1.4 million.  The stager made some suggestions and submitted a bid for $10,000 that would include painting, rearranging, some new pieces of furniture, and other incidentals.  The stager explained that without the staging this home would not fetch close to asking price, her experience being that the homes she has worked on have all received asking price or close to it.

Staging Highlands real estate helps a home put its best foot forward and show off its best features.  In a competitive Highlands real estate market buyers are looking for the best deal that they can find, staging a home can present a property that a buyer can’t get off his mind.

Contact me today to learn more about selling Highlands real estate.  An experienced Highlands REALTOR® can make the difference between selling your home and having it languish on the market.

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