Highlands NC Offers Great Hiking for All Activity Levels

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Highlands NC Hiking Highlands NC offers great hiking for all activity levels.  From short and easy to lengthy and more difficult the hiking in our Southern Blue Ridge Mountains offers a spectacular way to enjoy the fresh mountain air and stunning views.  While the trails are clearly marked it is best to be prepared and know how to hike safely …

Thanksgiving in Highlands NC, Cook or Dine Out?

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The decision to cook or dine out is a big one when it comes to Thanksgiving in Highlands NC. Many families converge in our mountain town to enjoy some quality time together. Sometimes this means a long day preparing a feast that would make the pilgrims proud, other times this means enjoying the day outside and converging at a local restaurant for a fabulous meal prepared by professionals. Regardless of the choice, Thanksgiving in the Highlands area is hard to beat.

Highlands NC Embraces Opera This Month

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Highlands NC embraces opera this month. One of the great aspects of living in our unique area is the opportunity to embrace culture from afar. The Highlands Performing Arts Center hosts a number of different events throughout the year, including plays, concerts, dance, and more. In addition opera is screened at the PAC, allowing the Highlands community to see some of the best performances ever seen on a stage.

Highlands NC Will celebrate Film This Weekend

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Highlands NC will celebrate film this weekend. The Best of Western Carolina University’s Controlled Chaos Film Festival and Benefit will hit the stage at the Highlands Performing Arts Center this Saturday, August 15th. The film creations being shown will be introduced by the students and there will also be an opportunity to bid for a short movie that will feature your own family.

Is Buying Highlands Real Estate in Your Future?

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Is buying Highlands real estate in your future?  If one of your New Year’s resolutions includes improving your lifestyle consider what that means to you.  If it means enjoying a better quality of life, getting outdoors more, improving your golf game, playing tennis and getting in better shape, then maybe you should consider looking to buy a home in Highlands …

Highlands NC, An Idyllic Setting for a Family Getaway

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Highlands NC is an idyllic setting for a family getaway.  Complete with a multitude of recreational opportunities from fishing to golf, a wide array of dining and shopping options, and a tranquil setting, the Highlands area provides a place for families to enjoy, with activities that will appeal to a variety of ages and interests. As the heat of summer …

Inspiring Beauty of Highlands North Carolina

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There is something about the beauty of Highlands North Carolina that puts the mind at ease and opens it to an array of possible talents.  The area is particularly appealing to artists who find inspiration in the stunning views and the serenity that permeates the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains.  It is no surprise that Highlands hosts a variety of art …

Arts & Crafts Galore in Highlands NC

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There will be arts and crafts galore in Highlands NC over the Memorial Day weekend. The annual Village Square Art and Craft Show will be at Highlands Rec Park on May 29 and 30, and will host a variety of art, crafts, food, music and fun for all to enjoy.  Typically this event is held in Highlands Village Park but …