Taking Responsibility To Provide For Future Generations who will live in Highlands and Cashiers North Carolina

Can you imagine going to the kitchen sink, turning the faucet and no water coming out, or turning on a light switch and the room remains dark, or going to make a phone call and there is no dial tone?   Occasionally this can happen and when it does we all are disappointed.

We have become totally dependent on the conveniences of our current lifestyle. We need to become more aware of the natural and man-made resources that we now take for granted.  One way to do this is by encouraging personal responsibility within your community.  

Sustainability is the ability to satisfy the basic needs of today without comprising the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. In the mountains of western North Carolina and particularly on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau, we are blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.  Lush forestland, crystal clear lakes and streams provide a wonderful backdrop for mountain living.  

With this in mind, extreme measures must be taken to protect those natural resources which make Highlands and Cashiers so special and desirable.  This is accomplished through the efforts of people taking responsibility for their action and lifestyle combined with how these actions affect their prosperity and the planet.  It all starts with one individual taking action and then spreading their actions and thoughts to others.  It is time we all start focusing our thoughts and efforts toward “Thinking Green”, People, Planet, and Prosperity.

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