The Bears are Up from Their Winter Sleep in Highlands

My daughter Tricia and her husband Bryan have been entertaining friends from New York City all this week at their home in Highlands Falls Country Club.

Their friends, Joe and Liz, were awed by the beauty of our area, especially now while most of our trees are budding out with fresh light green growth,  the hostas are full and lush, cinnamon ferns are still uncurling and the Carolina blue sky is beyond compare.

Unfortunately they left to go back north yesterday and today we saw our first bear of summer standing the in a driveway on Upper Divide regally reaching up for a blossom from a low hanging tree.    He was magnificent.

Bryan commented how he wished that Joe and Liz had seen a bear during their visit, as he was sure the only bears they had ever seen were in the Bronx Zoo.

Having lived here for 25 years, seeing a bear is fairly common, but I never cease to be awed by them.

This time of year, they are hunting for food.  Bird feeders and pet food left outside make for an easy meal.   We try to be careful with garbage cans also, as they have been known to carry them off in search of a few scraps.   I have long sworn that they have a stash of expensive bird feeders and trash cans in the woods and are amused when we have to buy new.

The bears in our area are herbivores and fairly harmless although when in the company of cubs, a mother bear will defend her family.

What a blessing to live in a place where beauty is all around us and where folks are sensitive to the creatures with whom we share our land.

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