“The Galax News” – A Highlands NC Memory

Georgia Sanders, who is the Office Manager for Meadows Mountain Realty, was born and raised in Highlands NC.     At one point in time, she was the Magistrate and her husband, Ron, served on the Highlands Town Board for years.     Georgia sent this to share with you:

Recently I found some older issues of  “THE GALAX NEWS,  Highlands’ mimeographed newspaper published weekly during the summer season during the late 60’s and early 70’s and sold for 10 cents.   I was in awe reading some of the articles and ads  in the issue dated August 8, 1970.  Nostalgic to say the least!  I am including an ad exactly as published in this issue and will continue to include bits and pieces of Highlands’ earlier years .

“KING’S INN AND MOTEL” – Celebrating 100 years of continual service and dedicated to yesterday’s charm and tomorrow’s convenience.  Announcing the FIRST AND ONLY HOTEL/MOTEL with IN-ROOM TELEVISION in Highlands.  INTRODUCING EVERY SUNDAY DINNER FROM START TO FINISH – for only $2.50 per person…from appetizer to dessert.   Tuesday Evening Buffet Dinner.  $3.00 per person for ALL YOU CAN EAT!”

In the same issue: Tate’s Super Market Sale Prices for the weekend

Scott Tissue – Large rolls 3 for .99         5 lb. flour .59      USDA Whole Fryers  .27 per lb.

We give S&H Green Stamps.  Remember those??    If you can remember these prices, then you absolutely did enjoy “the good old days”!

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