The Stone Lantern – Icon on Main Street Highlands NC

In 1960 after spending time in the Air Force in Japan, Ralph deVille decided to fulfill his dream and opened a shop specializing in Japanese antiquities. For 50 years the Stone Lantern has stood as an icon on Main Street in

Highlands NC weathering a variety of economic times and changes in trends while never wavering from the vision of providing the customer with superior service.  Over the years the shop has moved toward more Chinese antiques, fine jewelry and a large selection of accessories for the Ikebana enthusiast.  It is truly a rare shopping experience and as one long time customer said “Coming into the Stone Lantern is like passing through a portal into another world.” Last year they celebrated their 50th anniversary in the same location and we all hope to see them standing in the same location for another 50 years! The Stone Lantern is open year round, weekends in the winter months.

Contributed by Elizabeth Campbell of Meadows Mountain Realty.   Elizabeth was a real estate agent in Spain for many years.

She moved to Highlands to be close to family and joined Meadows Mountain Realty in 2010.

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