Time to Spruce Up Your Highlands Property

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It’s time to spruce up your Highlands property.  Spring has sprung as they say, and while the mountains may be later to bloom it is never to late to start prepping and planning for the coming months.  If your yard is void of snow and is not too wet to get to work then now is a great time to get out and get to work.

The first step to preparing the lawns of our Highlands homes involves waking up our grass.  While we typically think of raking in the Fall the Spring represents another great time to rake.  Raking our lawns will awaken the grass and free it from any and all debris that may be keeping it down.  This gets rid of the dead grass and instantly makes it look better.  If you have bare spots now is a great time to throw out some seed/fertilizer/soild mix.

This is also a great time of year to examine your flower beds.  If you neglected your cutting back chores in the Fall now is a great time to cut back.  We still have plenty of time before planting new flowers.  If you haven’t thought about your flowers yet now is a great time to plan.  Search the internet and peruse through magazines and books to see what you want your garden looking like this coming summer.

If you are selling your Highlands home remember that your home looks better is it appears as though it is being tended to, whether your yard and beds are brown or not.   Spring is a fantastic time to sell Highlands real estate, when everything is fresh and bright.

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