Why Homebuyers Build Custom Homes in Cashiers and Highlands NC

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The mountains of North Carolina have been a source of inspiration for centuries.  George Masa, a brilliant photographer knew this as he who took on the task of measuring, mapping and photographing the majestic Smoky Mountains in an effort to capture their splendor.  It’s not difficult to see how Masa would fall in love with the mountain landscapes of NC.

Mountain real estate in Cashiers and Highlands NC offers homeowners a vacation lifestyle in the heart of the area’s beauty.  It is hard to imagine anything more awe-inspiring than to be looking down from soaring heights, taking in the subtle beauty of natural plant and animal life, and spending a relaxing day on your deck.  With impressive mountain communities including Trillium, Pinchot, and The Highlands Falls Country Club, you can enjoy privacy, outdoor activities, and pristine mountain views in your custom built home in Cashiers or Highlands NC.

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