Winter in Highlands North Carolina – Come Give it a Try!!

Although Highlands is usually thought of as a summer resort, the winter has its own special charm.  Gone are the crowds of summer, replaced by quiet, laid-back days and  nights full of brilliant stars.  Most years there are several snows and nothing is more beautiful than those flakes blanketing the earth, returning the landscape to a state of purity and innocence. The winter silence after a snow is amazing.  It’s wonderful to just walk out my road and the only sound I hear is of my boots crunching in the snow.

If we have a long cold snap, sometimes there is ice skating on local lakes. Winter hiking can be fun, too, but you must dress warmly in layers for it.  And things do go on.  The Bascom is open year-round for workshops and classes.  The Highlands-Cashiers Players do several plays during the off-season.  “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” starts February 23rd and runs through March 4th.  The Ugly Dog Pub features bluegrass on Wednesday nights and a Story Swap on the 2nd Tuesday of each month by local writers and storytellers.  Many restaurants are open with more limited hours.

Come try it out sometime, but don’t tell everyone, okay?  We don’t want it to be just like the summer.  The cold may scare a lot of people off, but this winter has been especially mild.  We’re not complaining about that, either.

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