Luxury Homes in Highlands NC, Bathroom Trends

Luxury homes in Highlands NC often take note of bathroom trends, if not seize the opportunity to create new trends.  Bathrooms and kitchens seem to be favorite rooms in homes and both are becoming places where people want to spend more time.  A recent article in The Wall Street Journal, “Loo for Two: His-and-Hers Bathrooms on the Rise”, noted that trends are changing in luxury homes and bathrooms are becoming spaces where couples spend time together.

It’s a little hard to imagine wanting to share quality time together in the bathroom, but what The Wall Street Journal article points out is that bathrooms in luxury homes are becoming a sanctuary, a place offering peace, comfort and serenity.  Many luxury homes in Highlands NC have stunning master baths that offer roomy spaces in which to indulge.  Some master baths are reminiscent of a spa and offer much appeal to would-be buyers.

Contact us today to learn more about the luxury home market in Highlands NC.  We welcome the opportunity to update you on current trends as well as the chance to get you started on your Highlands real estate search.  We know Highlands NC and we know Highlands real estate.

Click here to read ““Loo for Two: His-and-Hers Bathrooms on the Rise”” from The Wall Street Journal.

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